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Agnete’s 7-7-7 Challenge

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A few days ago my friend Agnete threw the 7-7-7 challenge in my direction. The challenge is quite simple: go to the 7th page of a work-in-progress manuscript, go to the 7th line, and create a blog post containing the next seven sentences. I’m currently working on an Urban Fantasy novel that is as of yet unnamed, so I thought this particular challenge is brilliant for two reasons. First, it pushes me to overcome the fear of revealing publicly part of my work for the first time, even if it is a tiny chunk. The second reason is that it prods me to start blogging actively, something I have been neglecting to do.

So here it is. Seven sentences, from the seventh line, of the seventh page, from my work-in-progress novel:

I stared at the sight in disbelief and shock. I had never seen anyone dying before and I never wanted to see a man dying in the first place.

“Go away if you want to live,” she said in a chilling tone, addressing the last of the men who seemed undecided on whether to attack or not. I couldn’t tell if he was scared because of the hood over his face but my instincts told me he stunk of fear.

For a few moments I dared to hope he’d give up, go away, and let me wake up from this nightmare, but then I heard Oz Carston groaning. He stood with effort, spat a tooth down, and then unsheathed two knives.

“We fight to the bitter end,” he said.

I want to express my gratitude to Agnete for this challenge and suggest that you read Agnete’s response to the same challenge on her blog. Follow Agnete on her blog, Twiter, and Facebook. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Nice snippet, Aura. Lots of questions unearthed and this is only page 7! You shouldn’t be scared of sharing in public if this is anything to go by 🙂 And what a really interesting challenge 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Beverley. I did follow the advice to throw the reader straight into the action and the conflict. First chapter is all about conflict. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, much appreciated. 😀

  2. Good morning, Aura!
    Congrats on starting to blog actively! 😉
    Thank you for this post – for taking the challenge, awesome!, and for promoting my pages. 😀
    You’re excerpt is so dramatic and raises so many questions in the reader. It is only page seven and I get the sense of being at a battle field in the midst of war. I start wondering what kind of war, who started it, who is Oz and who is the “I” person…? Can’t wait to read it all once it gets published. 😉
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Author

      Thanks Agnete, I needed a push to start posting, your challenge was the perfect push, so thank you again! Also thank you for the kind words about the excerpt. Have a lovely Sunday yourself. 😀

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