Eye of the Storm Gratitude

Eye of the Storm Gratitude

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Life’s storms usually carry lessons hidden in them. At least, this has been my experience so far and I believe that it is true. It has been an intriguing week as it gave me some perspective on the magnitude of the storm I have had around me and how stressed I’ve been in the past months.

As I looked back at the last three weeks, to my horror and distress, I found a continuous downgrading pattern of positive thinking and a gradual increase in “what’s the point” thought patterns fuelled by the stress and general exhaustion. The more I struggled against it, the worse it became until I sat back last weekend and listened carefully in silence. What I found was the need to stop and centre myself. Once I knew what the problem was the solution was easy: I gave myself permission to sit back, relax, and calm down without feeling guilty, unproductive, or anything else that is negative and works with “should” pseudo-facts masquerading as natural laws. That was the turning point where the winding down truly started.

Celebrate the Small Things Blog HopThat’s when the week started feeling as if I was entering the eye of the storm, where things are calm and one gets a breathing moment before the fury of the storm begins anew. To my delight I found my creative juices boiling again, thinking about the novel I am finishing now, further editing for both this and the previous novel I finished earlier this year, as well as posts for this blog.

But most importantly, I started planning my future, taking into account that I want my writing to be part of the way I earn my living.

Change is around the corner and it will affect my life in some significant ways. I could even say that such change was long overdue, but that would mean I cling to the past in a negative way. So I choose to believe this is the correct time for such change and I choose not to resist it, no matter what it brings to me in the New Year. Resistance is futile unless one elects to live a lie in which resistance does not exist. I decided to shed the lie three and a half years ago and now I’m dropping my resistance, little by little. And the most fascinating part of my journey is the refusal to give up, no matter what the circumstances and obstacles. Perhaps that’s why I love the following quote so much, not because it indicates some arrogant badass warrior (of any gender), but because it reminds me that I am not a leaf at the mercy of the wind and also not a petrified constant that can never change. Instead, I remain fluid and adaptable, and as the only power and authority in my life, my path is my choice entirely:

Fate whispers to the warrior
“You cannot withstand the storm,”
and the warrior whispers back
“I am the storm.”

Eye of the Storm Gratitude

Beautiful music: PostHaste Music – As The Sun Rises – EpicMusicVN

This post is part of the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop hosted by Lexa Cain. Thank you so much for reading. What are you celebrating this week? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I do feel fortunate to be able to make my living writing, but it was after years of hard work. And most of my income comes from writing freelance articles about things like cloud computing and why businesspeople need silence every day!

    1. Author

      Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for reading and leaving your thoughts. A couple of years ago I looked at writing in black-and-white terms. Back then writing was novels and nothing else. I am now in the fortunate position to recognise that writing encompasses everything and hence I am happy to write anything, fiction and non-fiction. Writing is a creative activity, even if what we produce is not creative writing. I hope 2016 is a beautiful year for you and fulfils all your dreams.

      1. Awesome! I feel very ready and very excited about 2016! I truly hope and believe that this may be the best year ever. Are you done with the first draft now of your current WIP? 😀 Can’t wait to see where this year takes you! 😀

        1. Author

          Yes finished the vomit-first-draft of the “A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic” just today, making it the second first draft in the 2015 and I’m chuffed about it. I’m now going back to draft 3 of the urban fantasy novel I finished earlier in 2015. One thing I can say is that writing and exercise are similar. Daily practice makes the difference and accumulates over time. 😀

          Also, Agnete I forgot to mention but if you want a beta reader/critique partner, I am always available. Want to tell Beverley too but keep forgetting.

          1. Yay!!! Two first drafts in 2015. That’s awesome. This can only go one way for you. 😉

            Yes, writing and exercise really is similar. We grow our writing muscles as we go, and writing regularly definitely helps keeping the game strong. 😀

            Yes! I would love it for us to be beta readers for each other. I’m available. I have to translate a bit more before I send you my text, though, smiling.

            Oh and I wanted to ask you: Do you think YA fantasy novels are better / more relevant / easier to read in the present tense than in the past tense? The present tense seems to be dominant right now. Most YA books I’ve been reading lately are written in present tense, and as I’m translating anyway, this would be the perfect change to change it from the past tense… Asking you since your snippet from “A Pinch of Salt, A Dash of Magic” is in the present tense, thought you might have some thoughts on the topic. 😀

            HAVE FUN with your writing today! 😀

  2. What an uplifting post! Love the music. So powerful. It sounds like you had a real epiphany that will transform your old life. I hope it leads you to wonderful places. Have a relaxing weekend and Christmas holiday!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Lori, for visiting and reading. I know I have a lot of work ahead, but the first step is always the hardest. Have a wonderful week and Christmas holiday too.

  3. What a great post! Yes, it’s so important to mental well-being to just relax and take care of you, without feeling guilty or unproductive. At least once a week I have to do that. I’m glad you worked on planning your future too. (Your orange cloud picture is gorgeous!) Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Lexa, I appreciate you being here and your comment. The orange clouds is a stock picture, and I love it also. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. I’m exactly the same. I feel guilty for taking time out, but this gradually wears me down because I can never fully relax. I hate it when I’m going through a ‘what’s the point’ slump. For me it’s that feeling that nothing I do will ever work out well, so what’s the point? I’m trying to be more mindful and it really works, but I still get bad weeks where I’m not able to keep up with it. The enthusiasm and creative energy is a great way to give yourself a boost. On the upside I love those moments where I seem to have endless energy and can spend that making progress on the things I care about.

    It’s normal for everybody to get weeks that aren’t so good, but if you can keep pushing forward and believing in yourself I’m sure you’ll get somewhere eventually. Good luck with your novels and the future! I love the quote.

    1. Author

      Yes, similar here for the “what’s the point of it all”. I have to say that these days, I am continuously practicing mindfulness and introspection, so I seem to be catching on early signs that things are going the wrong way. The other thing I had to do was stop hating those moments because it seemed that I was getting even more of it. This time, the transition from despair to calm was smoother than other occasions, and I’m so happy about that. Thank you so much for visiting, reading and commenting.

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