Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things – Friday 11 Sept

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This is my first ever blog hop attempt. I thought if I’d start, it would be appropriate to celebrate with gratitude and remember the week and the lessons in it. This is a weekly gratitude post on Fridays, part of the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop hosted by Lexa Cain. Please feel free to join too; gratitude makes the world a better place.

This week I’m grateful for finally starting to blog actively after avoiding it for almost two months. In fact, if I was to be precise and accurate I’d say that I have been avoiding it for three years but who counts?

I’m grateful for facing my fears yet for one more week. For some of us life is full of fears, small fears, big fears, paralysing fears, all kinds of fears. I’m grateful that after recognising each fear I act and do what the fear is telling me not to do. I intend to continue doing the same forever.

I’m grateful for my friends, both old and new, the people who make my life better by simply being in it. It’s so easy to forget and take people for granted. I’m also grateful for the people at work, my colleagues and friends. Support, collaboration, and staying positive is always a two way process and this week I didn’t forget and didn’t take them for granted.

Celebrate the Small Things Blog HopI’m grateful I faced a terrible blunder early this week, and despite being hit by a wave of toxic shame, I recovered almost immediately, apologised, and acknowledged the lesson, which was that complaining and being negative is not productive and saps one’s energy. After that, I managed to reach the point where every time I wanted to complain I’d notice it and stop myself in time, something I’m proud of achieving.

Finally, I found that I’m willing to adapt my thought processes when necessary, another scary prospect and in one case I actually did it. This one is still in progress but it has started despite the inner resistance. Actually, I am work in progress, through and through.

Thank you so much for reading. Also, thanks and gratitude to Claudia H. Blanton, whose posts made me aware of this blog hop. What are you celebrating this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I believe we’re all a work-in-progress – no matter how old we are, we can learn things and change. Yay for getting back to blogging and for facing your fears and fighting them! Yay for friends and Claudia, and for getting support when you need it. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Nice to meet you and so glad you’re joining us! What wonderful things to be grateful for. It’s not easy to keep anger or negative vibes in check, but your words are not only encouraging, but sound very balanced. This post put a smile on my face.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much Tonja, both for reading and your kind words. I am very happy I joined this community, gratitude is the fuel of my life. It feels like the correct thing to celebrate it in this way.

  3. Hi Aura! So good to see you on board with this blog hop! I am proud of you too! Switching from negative thoughts to stopping yourself takes awareness and willpower. Good for you. You did a fantastic job on the blog, it’s very pretty.
    Thanks for the shoutout!

    1. Author

      You’re welcome Claudia, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I love my new blog-home and it feels right, even though I’m still figuring things out and trying to sort the rough edges. Have a lovely weekend. 😀

  4. Lovely to meet you through the blog hop and yes there are certainly plenty of those little things we should be grateful for – especially learning life’s lessons and hopefully making sure we won’t repeat our mistakes! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Author

      Hi Pempi, thank you so much for reading and commenting. Yes not repeating the mistakes is a good practice but unfortunately I don’t always get it right the first time. But it’s not a black-and-white step but rather like a spiral that closes on to the centre with each revolution. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. It sounds like you’ve had a really interesting week and learnt a few things about yourself along the way. There have been times when I avoided blogging too, even though I actually really enjoy doing it – odd isn’t it? It can be scary putting yourself out there and I regret missing out on many things because I let my fear get in the way, so congratulations on trying to face them. It’s not easy and not everybody is able to take that step.

    1. Author

      Thanks Jo. Fears are the bane of my life. Learning how to face them has been a long road and I’m still learning. On-going lesson perhaps never to end? Who knows. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it.

    1. Author

      Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for reading and for commenting. It’s a lovely community and I feel very welcome indeed. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Yay for staying positive! We all can call ourselves works in progress (I certainly can), but making progress isn’t quite so easy. Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Author

      Learning to stay positive has been one of the most difficult lessons for me and it’s on-going. I think we learn to think negatively and become cynics at a very young age and then the media does a good job of keeping that same cynicism in place. I compare it to brainwashing and perhaps that’s why it’s so hard because it’s unconscious thought constructs in layers. Thank you so much for reading and commenting and have a lovely weekend.

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