About Aura Eadon

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I’m a writer, a happiness seeker, and a lifelong student of human perception. I practice gratitude and self-love, continuously and every single moment. I’m also learning how to do everything with love and live true to the woman inside. I’m on a quest to ban taking myself too seriously, and I’m learning how to focus on what really matters.

I’m continuously adapting my thought patterns to rely exclusively on the internal locus of evaluation. That’s fancy words for saying that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what others think of me; I only care about how I evaluate myself provided such evaluation is free of random third-party “should-be” rules. I may also add that such evaluation is always supported by integrity rules based on values rather than personal gain. I’m determined to live my life the way I want and to achieve that I’m on a quest to find how I want to live my life.

No, this page is not going to have my biography in third-person, despite what the rules for good writer blogs insist.

What else? Let’s see if I can make a non-exhaustive list:

About Aura Eadon - Beautiful Lea

Beautiful Lea

  • I’m on a never-ending creative journey where what is created is less important than the journey itself. I create till I drop.
  • I love music. I would not be able to live without music. Almost all kinds of music. Mostly epic and emotional music.
  • I love cats. I have an awesome black cat named Lea. Or perhaps she has me, not very sure these days.
  • I love coffee. Perhaps too much.
  • I also love Nutella.
  • I write Science Fiction and Fantasy usually gravitating between the two, often combining the two in one.
  • Here’s an equation: Music + Coffee + Nutella + Writing + Cats = Heaven. Seriously.
  • This blog is not about writing in general so there won’t be any writing advice and writing tutorials (sorry).
  • Even though this blog is not about writing, it could be about my writing, so it will probably have posts about my writing projects. And I will also post my writing when I can. And I will definitely post about my published books in the future.
  • This blog is also not about cats – sorry Lea. *tries desperately to ignore the cat staring dismissively at her*
  • I have no idea what this blog is about, but I am figuring that out.
  • At some point in the future, I’m going to be a full-time author.
  • I have banned the word “should” from my vocabulary. Things “could” be but never, ever, “should” be.
  • I’m loony and weird and so proud of it. I suspect that this blog may end up being as weird as I am. That, however, is fine.

There you have it. Mostly. Anyway, have fun and feel free to leave comments, criticism, or anything else you like (within reason and the rules of tolerance and respect – please read my comments policy).


  1. Beautiful site! We have a love of cats, coffee, and writing in common. Oh, also that whole looney/weird thing. Thanks for dropping by my blog and helping me find my missing post! I look forward to following you here.

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